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Sexual Mastery For Men

What does it mean to attain “Sexual Mastery”, and what does it take to get there?
In this episode of Better Love and Sex, Devi is joined by Tantra Master (and former husband) Jacques Drouin to discuss how men can support female sexual awakening by becoming “Masters” in the art of pleasure!
Find out:
1. What it means to be a sexual master and The tools you need to “get there”

2. What techniques you should be practicing and how often

3. How you can help your woman awaken to more pleasure and sexual joy

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About Jacques Drouin:
Jacques Drouin has been studying and practicing the Tantric Arts for over 28 years. He is the Founder of Tantric Arts of Love and Co-Founder, the only centers […]

Tantric Tips For Taming Spirits

I’ve recently had several students ask me about the Tibetan Tantric approach to dealing with “spirits” or unusual disturbances in the home.
I’ve also been engaged in a Netflix marathon of “The Dead Files”, which surprisingly validates most of my current knowledge of the spirit realm and how it functions.

Most religions have some sort of belief regarding spirits, demons, entities, and non-humans, though our science-based Western culture ridicules the idea of believing in anything you can’t tangibly experience¬†with one of your 5 senses.

That’s why the ability to see, hear, or feel the presence of spirits is often referred to as an “extra sensory” perception.
The more I practice Tantra, the more healed and aware I become of my own “extra sensory perceptions”, which I believe we […]

How To Create A Sacred ‘Tantric Temple Night’

If one believes that the universe is indeed everywhere, and we are all in fact ONE mind, or ONE consciousness, then everything that we think, feel and DO, is in fact, a sacred activity.

That includes, and most especially IS in my opinion, our sex.
Human Sexuality is inherently sacred, and sex- be it with yourself or your partner- IS by nature, a sacred and holy activity.
Just because we do not enter into each sexual experience as if it were a holy communion, does not meant that it isn’t inherently so.
 Tantra is a tool for cultivating awareness of our true HUMAN potential, by helping us cultivate and understand our true sexual potential.
Tantric Temple Nights are a fun and sensually enriching way to acknowledge the sacredness […]

10 Tips For Staying Sexy & Sane During The Holidays

It’s the Holidays! Yay! It’s the season of celebration, giving, and…excess!
Here are a few tips to make sure you maintain a healthy balance of body/mind/spirit during this Holiday Season, and start off the New Year with all of your internal reserves full and replenished.

1) Do Nothing- We live in a culture that values over activity, and this is especially true during the Holidays. But, did you know that your “down time” is JUST as vital to your productivity, as your active time?

Our bodies go through different energetic cycles throughout the day, with some times of day being very “yang” (active), and other times being very “yin” (resting).

If you override your body’s natural impulse for rest and relaxation, you actually deplete your inner reserves, and […]