What’s Preventing You From Pleasure?

* Are you frustrated and unsatisfied with your orgasms?

* Do you struggle with low libido and lack of desire?

* Are you yearning for more sensation and PLEASURE?

* Would you like to know more about your g-spot, female ejaculation, and the over 11 different orgasms for women?



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“Devi is a sexual educator with the gift of helping women to get in touch with the most sacred part of themselves. She has an incredible ability to make women feel safe as they explore their cultural programming about their bodies and their sexuality. Her teachings can help transform a woman’s relationship to her body and her sexuality. In addition, they can help transform a woman’s sexual relationship with a loved one. I applaud Devi for her work, her workshops, her book, and her courage to step out of the cultural norm and into a sacred healing path that can profoundly increase the quality of women’s lives.”
Dr. Laurie Steelsmith, Dr.Steelsmith.com
“Working with Devi is something that has proved essential to me but I didn’t know that when I first signed up to work with her; I didn’t know how essential it would be.  She has taken me back to my breath, back to my body, back to where I came from, and from this excavation I have grown more confident, more content, more full.I am learning things that have always been apart of me but that I didn’t know how to access.  And I am able to share ideas with other women, my partner and mothers of daughters: bit by bit changing the universe’s archetypal energy and transforming the world we live in. Thank you, Devi.””
Sky, New York, NY
“Its been such a pleasure and honor to be learning from Devi. She is a goddess who is in high integrity with her teachings and being in her presence has given me permission to feel a deeper “juicer” connection to myself. I have taken her one day Tantric workshop and am currently in her 8 week Sacred Erotic Dance series. Its been a fun sensuous transformative journey working with Devi and I highly recommend her if you are looking to open your erotic self. Thank you Devi.”
Baljit Rayat, Lotus Destiny
“Working with Devi has been an amazing and rewarding experience. I have gained so much more from this course than I could have imagined. I have learned to laugh and to cry, to openly experience the plethora of human emotions, to connect deeply to the parts of myself that were numb and needed love, and the parts that need courage and strength. Old beliefs and patterns have dissolved, and I feel so much more centered, no longer a victim to my emotions or my desires. My body has learned to relax and to open more fully in to orgasmic states of prolonged pleasure. This course has changed every aspect of my being.”
Jayne, Northern Ireland

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