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How I Cured Herpes With Holistic Medicine

Out of all the STD’s one can possibly contract, Herpes is perhaps the most stigmatized.
Despite the fact that this disease is incredibly common (it is estimated that 1 in 6 people in the US has genital Herpes), getting a HSV diagnosis is for many people, the equivalent of a death sentence.

I know, I was once one of the doomed. 

In 2007 I was diagnosed with Herpes Simplex Virus. My doctor made no distinction about whether it was HSV1 or HSV2. She said it was irrelevant, as I was having out breaks both orally and genitally at the time.

Massive, agonizingly painful outbreaks. Every 3-5 days. It hurt to talk, to sit, to walk. My doctor said it was the most aggressive infection she had ever seen. […]

3 Tips For Keeping Your Vagina Happy And Healthy!

Lotus, Mandala, Yoni, Jade Garden, Vortex of Bliss, whatever you call it, the vagina is just freaking awesome.
A healthy, happy, fully functioning vagina is quite literally a gateway to connecting with our Divine Essence.

And like all precious gifts in life, it requires care and attention.

I spent most of my life in complete ignorance of how to keep my vagina happy and healthy, and thus suffered from many of the common vaginal complaints which plague modern women, such as; yeast infections, itchiness, and the most dreaded affliction of all- vaginal odor, aka. ‘funk in your junk!’

I recently aired a radio show regarding how to keep your vagina happy and healthy, in which my expert guest, Nina Helms and I discussed the importance of vulvo/vaginal PH, […]

Vaginal Vs. Clitoral Orgasm-Why Is This Even A Debate?

This week the whole sex education internet world was rocked by a new article declaring there is no such thing as vaginal orgasms, and that the clitoris is the sole provider of female sexual pleasure.

A statement which invalidates the experience of myself and thousands of other women around the world, as well as ignores the valid scientific “discovery” of the cervix as a female pleasure zone, capable of producing orgasm even in women paralyzed¬†from the waist down.

There’s a few things that I find interesting about this article. One being that from what I understand, the “scientists” who wrote it are NOT even sexologists themselves, so most likely have no frame of reference for the actual experience of vaginal orgasms, and 2- they make absolutely […]

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    Pleasure As Your Power Source:3 Tips To Activate Your “Turn On”

Pleasure As Your Power Source:3 Tips To Activate Your “Turn On”

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of being interviewed by the lovely Melissa Toler, a fellow advocate for health, wellness, and positive body image.

We talked about the role that sexual pleasure plays in the grand scheme of life, the importance of having a daily (or weekly) pleasure practice to activate your “turn on”, and how feeling yummy, juicy, and sexy can impact every area of your life.

I also give my top 3 tips for “cultivating” your sexy, sensuous self, keeping that sensual fire burning, and how to use pleasure as fuel to empower your relationship to your self, your partner, your experience in the world.
Check it out and share your thoughts!