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I was a monk for 10 years, a stripper, a model, an actor, an organic gardner, and a student of natural health and alternative medicine. I have studied Ayurveda, Yoga, several styles of Dance including West African, Belly Dance, Ballet, Modern, and Jazz. I have had extensive training in Non-Violent Communication as taught by Marshall Rosenberg, since 2005, and have been a meditation instructor and workshop facilitator since 2000. I am an Author, Radio Show Personality, Certified Tantric Healer, Certified Authentic Tantra™ Educator , and Co-Founder of Authentic Tantra™ Sexual Education. I am a qualified Tantrika of the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage of Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism, and one of 2 people in North America qualified to teach the Secret Tibetan 5 Element Sexual Tantras. I have devoted my entire adult life to studying the ”essence” that infuses all of life through meditation, Tantra-Yoga, Sensual Dance and Compassionate Communication. I “get off” on exploring that point of divine union -where sexuality, spirituality, and personal growth intersect.

Why Loving Your Vagina Is An Act of Anarchy

A friend of mine recently sent me a link that made my heart ache. The link was from the television show "Family Feud" hosted by Steve Harvey. One of the male contestant was asked the question "what's the first place that you touch a woman to get her in the mood?" The contestant answered with- "That would be the lower front...the...(laugh, laugh) vagina." Now aside from the dismay one might feel knowing that this is the FIRST place this man goes to turn on his female partner, (as opposed to say...her lips, her neck, her shoulders, etc)- what absolutely horrified me was the complete and total meltdown of everyone on the screen, when the man eventually was able to stutter out the word "vagina". From [...]

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3 Ways Porn Can Be Healing

Porn gets a lot of negative press, and rightly so. I have certainly spoken out about the negative impact that unconscious porn use can have on men, women, and relationships. But notice I said "unconscious porn use". Porn is not inherently evil, in and of itself. In fact- the use of pornography to stimulate sexual arousal is in fact an ancient, and potentially beautiful practice. In ancient China couples would begin their 'date nights' by flipping through something called "a pillow book"- which was a book of erotic images depicting various sexual acts. Couples used this book to become mutually aroused, and then had hot Tantric sex for hours....or so they say. In my opinion, the biggest problem with modern porn is not the porn [...]

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3 Keys To Keeping Your Yoni Smelling Great!

Having a yoni is a wonderful thing. The word yoni literally means "sacred space", and the more I learn about vaginas, the more that phrase rings true and clear. But keeping your yoni happy, healthy, and smelling fabulous can be a challenge in today's world. We are bombarded with advertisements for products that suggest our vaginas are somehow inherently "unclean", and we remain largely uneducated about proper cleansing and care for our delicate lady bits. Luckily, I recently had a visit on my radio show from the Yoni Whisperer, S.Denise Jefferson. S. Denise is an accomplished clinical and sexual health educator who teaches on the topic of women's sexual health issues both domestically and internationally. S. Denise gave me the lowdown on how to keep [...]

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Is Pleasure the Key to World Peace?

I have built my life’s work upon the idea of using pleasure as medicine. This concept was born from my personal experience of healing a lifetime of debilitating trauma, through the pleasure generated by Tibetan Tantra Yoga. Recently I aired a radio show with guest Dr. Ron Goldman, a psychological researcher, speaker, and writer. During the course of the show, Dr. Goldman gave several scientific example of how pleasure is not only medicine, but is actually the key to a more peaceful society. He cited several world-wide studies which found that the more pleasure oriented a society was, the more peaceful and well balanced it was. He also noted that cultures which had accepting attitudes towards pre-marital sex, tended to be healthier and happier. (I found [...]