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I was a monk for 10 years, a stripper, a model, an actor, an organic gardner, and a student of natural health and alternative medicine. I have studied Ayurveda, Yoga, several styles of Dance including West African, Belly Dance, Ballet, Modern, and Jazz. I have had extensive training in Non-Violent Communication as taught by Marshall Rosenberg, since 2005, and have been a meditation instructor and workshop facilitator since 2000. I am an Author, Radio Show Personality, Certified Tantric Healer, Certified Authentic Tantra™ Educator , and Co-Founder of Authentic Tantra™ Sexual Education. I am a qualified Tantrika of the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage of Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism, and one of 2 people in North America qualified to teach the Secret Tibetan 5 Element Sexual Tantras. I have devoted my entire adult life to studying the ”essence” that infuses all of life through meditation, Tantra-Yoga, Sensual Dance and Compassionate Communication. I “get off” on exploring that point of divine union -where sexuality, spirituality, and personal growth intersect.

66 Days of Self-Pleasure Revisited…

There must be something about September. Here it is 2015, and I just decided that it was high time I devoted another 66 days or more, to self-pleasure and solo cultivation of my sexual CHI.  I have a few reasons for coming full circle to this practice once again. #1- After a 1.5 year fabulous frenzy of sexual/sensual partner sexplorations, I feel a need to dive deep within myself, and reconnect with that very still, very quiet, very lovely place that is 100% pure me. #2- Though my fabulous, sexy frenzy was fun, fun, fun (and I believe, a necessary step in my self-growth and sexual evolution), I have become aware of a deeper need for consistency, stability, and commitment in my intimate relationships. In short, [...]

How I Healed Chronic Pain With Tantric Masturbation

Last night I had a profound sexual healing experience that resulted in a tangible physical transformation. I've been having some issues with my right hip over the last several weeks, which interestingly coincided with reuniting with an old lover. The issues were so bad at first that I thought I might need Rolfing, or some serious body work. As the issue progressed, I was concerned I might even need surgery, because the pain was so excruciating I was having a hard time walking. Yesterday I had the internal "hit" that I needed some self care in the form of self-pleasure/solo Tantra, so I took some Advil, and set up for my Tantra date with Devi. I prepped the room, had a nice hot bath, oiled myself [...]

Every Moment Is An Opportunity For Growth

If I had to summarize this year's Tibetan Tantra Certification Retreat in one phrase, it would be "Every moment is an opportunity for learning and growth." Learning what? Learning and reaffirming the magic of being deeply anchored in your sense of  SELF, and trusting implicitly that sometimes small, but much less subtle, voice of intuitive knowing. Learning that it's okay to be human and feel hurt, even when you are trying to be strong and brave. Deeply understanding the absolute, inarguable need for "team"- To work side by side by those invested in coaxing out your "best" performance, who hold you as flawless, and continuously nudge you towards your shared greatness. We had some tough decisions to make at the start of this year's retreat. [...]

My Experience of Being “Transracial” as a Biracial Woman

If transracial was actually a "thing", for all intents and purposes I could be classified as just that. I have identified as "white" for most of my life, and culturally I am more white than stereotypical "Black American". (I differentiate between Black Americans and Black Canadians, because having lived in both countries, I have observed that there is a noticeable difference between being a U.S. Black and a Canadian Black. I grew up with a white mother in almost all white neighborhoods. My skin color is actually lighter than most “white” people I know- and all, I mean ALL of my friends growing up were white. My black father was absent for most of my life, with the exception of Holidays and Summer vacation. As a result, I [...]