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7 Keys For Great Clitoral Orgasms

Clitoral Orgasms are only one of the over 11 different kinds of female orgasm. They also tend to be the most easily accessible type of orgasm, for a large percentage of cis-gender women. That being said- many women complain that this type of orgasm often feels very "shallow", and does not leave them with a feeling of deep joy, pleasure, and satisfaction. There are a number of reasons for this, all of which point to the inherently Holistic nature of human sexuality. Understanding the way the body, mind, and heart all work together to facilitate pleasure, is crucial to making the most of your sexual experience- regardless of who it's with and how many people are included. These 7 Keys are designed to help you [...]

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66 Days of Self-Pleasure Revisited…

There must be something about September. Here it is 2015, and I just decided that it was high time I devoted another 66 days or more, to self-pleasure and solo cultivation of my sexual CHI.  I have a few reasons for coming full circle to this practice once again. #1- After a 1.5 year fabulous frenzy of sexual/sensual partner sexplorations, I feel a need to dive deep within myself, and reconnect with that very still, very quiet, very lovely place that is 100% pure me. #2- Though my fabulous, sexy frenzy was fun, fun, fun (and I believe, a necessary step in my self-growth and sexual evolution), I have become aware of a deeper need for consistency, stability, and commitment in my intimate relationships. In short, [...]

4 Steps to Sexual Healing and Tantra as Medicine!

Back by popular demand, Devi Ward straightens Dr. Marissa out on why sex and spirituality are actually good for you! Find out how and why orgasms are a connection with the Divine (maybe that's why we say Oh God ;), and why many women are getting the short end of the stick (sorry) by not revving up to the highest potential gear we can be in. Devi also shares the 4 step approach she uses to unlock the blocks which keep women unfulfilled...starting with a comfort level and love for selves body mind spirit and soul. The healing that needs to start in the vagina is vital, especially when there has been trauma from abuse in the past, and Dr. Marissa finds a new way [...]

The Science Of Orgasm!

From improving heart health to cancer prevention, orgasm is THE most pleasurable and beneficial health supplement one can take! Find out more about the science of sexual health and pleasure as medicine in this interview with Devi Ward and sexual health researcher, Dr. Paul Tinari. Learn how orgasm can and does improve the health and wellness of the mind, body, heart, and spirit! Listen in itunes and Subscribe to Better Love and Sex with Devi Ward.

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