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7 Keys For Great Clitoral Orgasms

Clitoral Orgasms are only one of the over 11 different kinds of female orgasm. They also tend to be the most easily accessible type of orgasm, for a large percentage of cis-gender women. That being said- many women complain that this type of orgasm often feels very "shallow", and does not leave them with a feeling of deep joy, pleasure, and satisfaction. There are a number of reasons for this, all of which point to the inherently Holistic nature of human sexuality. Understanding the way the body, mind, and heart all work together to facilitate pleasure, is crucial to making the most of your sexual experience- regardless of who it's with and how many people are included. These 7 Keys are designed to help you [...]

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Why Loving Your Vagina Is An Act of Anarchy

A friend of mine recently sent me a link that made my heart ache. The link was from the television show "Family Feud" hosted by Steve Harvey. One of the male contestant was asked the question "what's the first place that you touch a woman to get her in the mood?" The contestant answered with- "That would be the lower front...the...(laugh, laugh) vagina." Now aside from the dismay one might feel knowing that this is the FIRST place this man goes to turn on his female partner, (as opposed to say...her lips, her neck, her shoulders, etc)- what absolutely horrified me was the complete and total meltdown of everyone on the screen, when the man eventually was able to stutter out the word "vagina". From [...]

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66 Days of Self-Pleasure Revisited…

There must be something about September. Here it is 2015, and I just decided that it was high time I devoted another 66 days or more, to self-pleasure and solo cultivation of my sexual CHI.  I have a few reasons for coming full circle to this practice once again. #1- After a 1.5 year fabulous frenzy of sexual/sensual partner sexplorations, I feel a need to dive deep within myself, and reconnect with that very still, very quiet, very lovely place that is 100% pure me. #2- Though my fabulous, sexy frenzy was fun, fun, fun (and I believe, a necessary step in my self-growth and sexual evolution), I have become aware of a deeper need for consistency, stability, and commitment in my intimate relationships. In short, [...]

How I Healed Chronic Pain With Tantric Masturbation

Last night I had a profound sexual healing experience that resulted in a tangible physical transformation. I've been having some issues with my right hip over the last several weeks, which interestingly coincided with reuniting with an old lover. The issues were so bad at first that I thought I might need Rolfing, or some serious body work. As the issue progressed, I was concerned I might even need surgery, because the pain was so excruciating I was having a hard time walking. Yesterday I had the internal "hit" that I needed some self care in the form of self-pleasure/solo Tantra, so I took some Advil, and set up for my Tantra date with Devi. I prepped the room, had a nice hot bath, oiled myself [...]