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Power Exercises For Tantric Men!

Many people ask us about Kegels their usefulness in Tantric sex. Kegels are beneficial but insufficient on their own for cultivating true Tantric power and ejaculatory control. For those who do not know, Kegels, or Kegeling, are a form of exercise for the pelvic region of the body, exercising the core pelvic muscles. It basically involves repetitive clenching of the anus which can be good for preventing or correcting incontinence and other health benefits. For the Tantric practitioner it is a good exercise, yet misses a great deal of important factors we can include with a more powerful practice. The practice we as Tantrikas use incorporates understanding of the "five winds". These are five ways the life-energy moves throughout us as humans- some may know these [...]

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Recovering From Porn Addiction With Tantra

* Please note ~ this article is not meant to shame, judge, or criminalize individuals who enjoy a healthy relationship with "Pornography", Erotica, Kink, BDSM, or any other type of sexual expression that enhances and enriches your life. This article is directed towards those who are struggling with an addiction that is impeding their ability to connect intimately with loved ones. Unfortunately, there are no definitive statistics regarding the number of men and women suffering from Porn addiction, and most information regarding porn addiction is mixed with morality judgements regarding the ethics of Porn usage in general. But there is no denying that for a large number of men and women in North America, Porn addiction has become a growing problem, causing issues such as; [...]

The Magical Power Of Semen Retention!

Imagine cumming without cumming.... If ever there was a skeptic, it was me. I couldn’t get my mind wrapped around the idea. I didn’t see the point. I mean, isn’t that what sex is all about in the first place? Blowing a load, busting a nut, whatever other phrase you can come up with to define the moment of ejaculation at the climax of sexual excitement. That is what I thought it was all about. That is what all the porn was about, to be sure.  I’m not saying that it always happened during sex, which was hugely disappointing, embarrassing, and frustrating. But then again, I supposed it to be more or less normal for a guy in his 40s. That’s why there are all [...]

What’s More Sensitive Than The Clitoris?

The tiny little head (glans) of the clitoris boasts 8,000 nerve endings, giving women the capacity for mind-altering pleasure, pretty much anytime they choose it. The head of the penis on the other hand has a mere 4,000 nerve endings, making it half as sensitive as the clitoris. But- did you know there is a part of male genital anatomy that is even MORE sensitive and pleasurable than the female clitoris, and which boasts over 20,000 nerve endings??? "What is it, where is it, and how do I find it?" you may be asking yourself. Well, it's a little piece of skin that all men are born with, and which sadly, is often cut off at birth. And that is- the male foreskin. Contrary to [...]