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Holistic Healing For Vaginal Pain

Sexual intimacy can be one of the most profoundly pleasurable experiences we can have as human beings. But what happens when sex becomes painful, or has always been always painful? Many women who experience vaginal pain may feel isolated, alone, and "broken", and yet- far from being an extraordinary experience, pain during intercourse or stimulation is actually very common. It is estimated that nearly 3 out of 4 women have pain during intercourse at some time during their lives. For some women, the pain is only a temporary issue; for others, it is all they have ever known. My Co Founder of Tibetan Tantra Inc, Marthe Schneider is a Certified physiotherapist and body psychotherapist, who specializes in holistic healing for vaginal pain disorders. In this episode [...]

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Is Pleasure the Key to World Peace?

I have built my life’s work upon the idea of using pleasure as medicine. This concept was born from my personal experience of healing a lifetime of debilitating trauma, through the pleasure generated by Tibetan Tantra Yoga. Recently I aired a radio show with guest Dr. Ron Goldman, a psychological researcher, speaker, and writer. During the course of the show, Dr. Goldman gave several scientific example of how pleasure is not only medicine, but is actually the key to a more peaceful society. He cited several world-wide studies which found that the more pleasure oriented a society was, the more peaceful and well balanced it was. He also noted that cultures which had accepting attitudes towards pre-marital sex, tended to be healthier and happier. (I found [...]

Every Moment Is An Opportunity For Growth

If I had to summarize this year's Tibetan Tantra Certification Retreat in one phrase, it would be "Every moment is an opportunity for learning and growth." Learning what? Learning and reaffirming the magic of being deeply anchored in your sense of  SELF, and trusting implicitly that sometimes small, but much less subtle, voice of intuitive knowing. Learning that it's okay to be human and feel hurt, even when you are trying to be strong and brave. Deeply understanding the absolute, inarguable need for "team"- To work side by side by those invested in coaxing out your "best" performance, who hold you as flawless, and continuously nudge you towards your shared greatness. We had some tough decisions to make at the start of this year's retreat. [...]

4 Steps to Sexual Healing and Tantra as Medicine!

Back by popular demand, Devi Ward straightens Dr. Marissa out on why sex and spirituality are actually good for you! Find out how and why orgasms are a connection with the Divine (maybe that's why we say Oh God ;), and why many women are getting the short end of the stick (sorry) by not revving up to the highest potential gear we can be in. Devi also shares the 4 step approach she uses to unlock the blocks which keep women unfulfilled...starting with a comfort level and love for selves body mind spirit and soul. The healing that needs to start in the vagina is vital, especially when there has been trauma from abuse in the past, and Dr. Marissa finds a new way [...]