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Power Exercises For Tantric Men!

Many people ask usĀ about Kegels their usefulness in Tantric sex. Kegels are beneficial but insufficient on their own for cultivating true Tantric power and ejaculatory control. For those who do not know, Kegels, or Kegeling, are a form of exercise for the pelvic region of the body, exercising the core pelvic muscles. It basically involves repetitive clenching of the anus which can be good for preventing or correcting incontinence and other health benefits. For the Tantric practitioner it is a good exercise, yet misses a great deal of important factors we can include with a more powerful practice. The practice we as Tantrikas use incorporates understanding of the "five winds". These are five ways the life-energy moves throughout us as humans- some may know these [...]

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The Science Of Orgasm!

From improving heart health to cancer prevention, orgasm is THE most pleasurable and beneficial health supplement one can take! Find out more about the science of sexual health and pleasure as medicine in this interview with Devi Ward and sexual health researcher, Dr. Paul Tinari. Learn how orgasm can and does improve the health and wellness of the mind, body, heart, and spirit! Listen in itunes and Subscribe to Better Love and Sex with Devi Ward.

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3 Tips For Keeping Your Vagina Happy And Healthy!

Lotus, Mandala, Yoni, Jade Garden, Vortex of Bliss, whatever you call it, the vagina is just freaking awesome. A healthy, happy, fully functioning vagina is quite literally a gateway to connecting with our Divine Essence. And like all precious gifts in life, it requires care and attention. I spent most of my life in complete ignorance of how to keep my vagina happy and healthy, and thus suffered from many of the common vaginal complaints which plague modern women, such as; yeast infections, itchiness, and the most dreaded affliction of all- vaginal odor, aka. 'funk in your junk!' I recently aired a radio show regarding how to keep your vagina happy and healthy, in which my expert guest, Nina Helms and I discussed the importance [...]

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The Politics Of Pleasure: How to Deal With “Sexual” Discrimination

"Your Ad has been denied. Ads may not promote pornography of any kind, etc. etc. etc. " Once again, my attempts to promote my work and my "message" of freeing ourselves from the shackles of sexual shame, have been thwarted. Ironic? Yes, I think that applies in this case. From social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, to content sharing platforms such as OutBrain, and even Google Adwords, my desired promotions are deemed pornographic, and consequently denied. And what is it about my ads that are so offensive they can not be shown to free thinking adults, over the age of 18? My great offense appears to be using the word "pleasure" in my advertising, and promoting the "enhancement of pleasure". And I though I [...]

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