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What You Don’t Know About The Clitoris!

And here we thought we knew everything there was to know about the clitoris. Turns out... not so much. Here's why- according to my colleague, S. Denise Jefferson (an accomplished clinical and sexual health educator who presents both domestically and internationally on the various issues surrounding women’s sexual health), there are numerous discrepancies regarding the anatomy of the female clitoris, in the medical community. Not all medical schools are teaching the same anatomy, much less the correct anatomy! If our medical health professionals are not correctly informed about clitoral anatomy, how can we be? In the following episode of Sex Is Medicine, S.Denise and I break down the CORRECT clitoral anatomy, and share why, contrary to popular opinion, the clitoris is NOT just the female [...]

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3 Ways Porn Can Be Healing

Porn gets a lot of negative press, and rightly so. I have certainly spoken out about the negative impact that unconscious porn use can have on men, women, and relationships. But notice I said "unconscious porn use". Porn is not inherently evil, in and of itself. In fact- the use of pornography to stimulate sexual arousal is in fact an ancient, and potentially beautiful practice. In ancient China couples would begin their 'date nights' by flipping through something called "a pillow book"- which was a book of erotic images depicting various sexual acts. Couples used this book to become mutually aroused, and then had hot Tantric sex for hours....or so they say. In my opinion, the biggest problem with modern porn is not the porn [...]

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3 Keys To Keeping Your Yoni Smelling Great!

Having a yoni is a wonderful thing. The word yoni literally means "sacred space", and the more I learn about vaginas, the more that phrase rings true and clear. But keeping your yoni happy, healthy, and smelling fabulous can be a challenge in today's world. We are bombarded with advertisements for products that suggest our vaginas are somehow inherently "unclean", and we remain largely uneducated about proper cleansing and care for our delicate lady bits. Luckily, I recently had a visit on my radio show from the Yoni Whisperer, S.Denise Jefferson. S. Denise is an accomplished clinical and sexual health educator who teaches on the topic of women's sexual health issues both domestically and internationally. S. Denise gave me the lowdown on how to keep [...]

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My Experience of Being “Transracial” as a Biracial Woman

If transracial was actually a "thing", for all intents and purposes I could be classified as just that. I have identified as "white" for most of my life, and culturally I am more white than stereotypical "Black American". (I differentiate between Black Americans and Black Canadians, because having lived in both countries, I have observed that there is a noticeable difference between being a U.S. Black and a Canadian Black. I grew up with a white mother in almost all white neighborhoods. My skin color is actually lighter than most “white” people I know- and all, I mean ALL of my friends growing up were white. My black father was absent for most of my life, with the exception of Holidays and Summer vacation. As a result, I [...]