Lotus, Mandala, Yoni, Jade Garden, Vortex of Bliss, whatever you call it, the vagina is just freaking awesome.

A healthy, happy, fully functioning vagina is quite literally a gateway to connecting with our Divine Essence.

And like all precious gifts in life, it requires care and attention.

I spent most of my life in complete ignorance of how to keep my vagina happy and healthy, and thus suffered from many of the common vaginal complaints which plague modern women, such as; yeast infections, itchiness, and the most dreaded affliction of all- vaginal odor, aka. ‘funk in your junk!’

I recently aired a radio show regarding how to keep your vagina happy and healthy, in which my expert guest, Nina Helms and I discussed the importance of vulvo/vaginal PH, and gave some suggestions for keeping all your little vaginal bacteria alive and thriving, (in the best possible way!)

And- our vaginal health and wellness is affected by more than just the products we use, and the amount of probiotics we may or may not take, so I have listed here 3 tips for maintaining your sexual health and wellness, and keeping your vagina happy, healthy, and as orgasmic as you want it to be!

#1) Exercise! Yes, your whole body, but more importantly in this case, your vagina. If done properly, exercise increases the blood flow, circulation, strength, tone, and just overall health of the muscles engaged. Same goes for your vagina!

When done properly, Jade Egg and Ben Wa Ball “sexercises” can do all that, PLUS help you experience more sensation, more pleasure, and more orgasms! Traditionally these exercises were used to help resolve sexual/reproductive issues such as; low libido, menstrual complaints, ovarian cysts, sexual trauma, to name just a few.

2) Pleasure! Yes, frequent pleasure is essential to keeping your vagina happy and healthy. Your genitals were designed to be bring you pleasure, not just so you can make more babies, but also because sexual pleasure is HEALTHY and good for you- Body, Mind & Spirit!

Sexual pleasure boosts the immune system, improves cardiovascular health, and helps regulate mood with the release of all those yummy mood enhancing hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. Spiritually, sexual pleasure guides us to total “presence”, total communion with our “divine nature”, which essentially is BLISS.

Who doesn’t want more of THAT?

Also- ever heard of the saying “Use it or Lose it?” What happens if you don’t use a muscle for a long period of time? It will actually begin to degenerate, or “atrophy”.

According to Taoist sexual practices, a similar process can actually happen with your genitals. Uncultivated sexual energy not only goes dormant, but it also stagnates, potentially causing a whole host of physical AND emotional “imbalances”. Frequent pleasurable stimulation is like exercise. It not only improves the physical health of those tissues and muscles, but energetically it clears out blocks and stagnation, and activates your creativity, your passion for life, and your POTENCY!

3) Balance! I can not stress enough the importance of vaginal PH. This has been a huge revelation for me, because when I went through sex ed, NOBODY was talking about it. I bumbled through life using a variety of really harmful products on my genitals, setting myself up for frequent bouts of Bacterial Vaginosis, which is caused by an imbalance in your vaginal PH.

Your PH is affected by a number of factors- both internally, such as overconsumption of alcohol, sugar, antibiotics, processed foods, even menstrual blood- and “externally” by things like semen, antibacterial soap, body washes, and lubricants can throw off the delicate balance.

That’s why it’s important to use products that not only gently cleanse that area, but also help restore the balance, and maintain it at it’s optimum level.

(For some really great info about products designed to support your vaginal health NATURALLY, check out my video at the bottom of this page!)

The body is designed to heal itself, but- we need to give it the support that it needs in order to achieve and maintain balance, internally and externally.

Taking the time to exercise, pleasure, and balance your Yoni will not only help you maintain physical health, but these approaches can also help you feel more consciously connected and “in tune” with your most “Sacred Space”.