Avoidance of ANY aspect of our human experience is not the path of Tantra

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Once upon a time, we were told by an injured human that sex was bad and should be avoided. We were told that sexual pleasure was bad and would lead us away from our “true nature”.

And we believed that lie and created an entire society around that erroneous belief.

But sex is NOT bad, and for a healthy human, sexual desire should be no more offensive than the desire to eat food or drink water.

And just like our society encourages good tasting food and learning how to prepare it, so too would a healthy society encourage delicious, nourishing sex that feeds body, mind, heart, and SPIRIT.

The path of Buddhist tantra contains the pith instructions for how to function optimally as humans in this physical reality while embracing ALL of our humanity.


The Tibetan 5 Element Sexual Tantras are lineage-based sexual teachings that laypeople can receive and practice without the empowerment of a Lama. They are medicine for healing the root cause of all suffering – the MIND and its belief in separation, including the separation of sexuality from your ultimate nature.

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