If one believes that the universe is indeed everywhere, and we are all in fact ONE mind, or ONE consciousness, then everything that we think, feel and DO, is in fact, a sacred activity.

That includes, and most especially IS in my opinion, our sex.

Human Sexuality is inherently sacred, and sex- be it with yourself or your partner- IS by nature, a sacred and holy activity.

Just because we do not enter into each sexual experience as if it were a holy communion, does not meant that it isn’t inherently so.

 Tantra is a tool for cultivating awareness of our true HUMAN potential, by helping us cultivate and understand our true sexual potential.

Tantric Temple Nights are a fun and sensually enriching way to acknowledge the sacredness of sexual pleasure, and celebrate the beauty of sensual communion with yourself and/or another.

For those who are new to the Art of Tantra, here are some of my favorite tips for creating a sweet and richly rewarding, Tantric Temple Night

1) Tantric Temple nights should be created whether you are currently in a relationship or not. I recommend 1 x a week if possible. Twice a month should be your minimum!

2) Create the space in your life. Choose the day, choose the time, and schedule it in. I recommend doing it on a day when there is not a whole lot of activity, and you have plenty of free time to relax and enjoy yourself.

3) Spend the entire day doing things you LOVE. Connect with nature, go for a walk, have fun the whole day. By doing this you are creating an energy field of joy, pleasure and happiness. Tantra doesn’t only happen in the bedroom! It’s a way of life.

Note~ Sunday is typically a great day for me. If you don’t have one day a week where you get to just play, I highly recommend that you begin taking care of yourself in this way.

4) Take pleasure in every activity, whatever it is. Commit to “doing” only pleasure, for that one day.

5) Start sex early, like 5 or 6pm, and make dinner part of the event. Often people save the sex for last, and then are too tired to follow through. Schedule your “Temple Night” for earlier in the evening, and make some yummy food at home, or order in. Light candles, play music, drink some wine…. think sensual succulence.

6) Take a bath or shower together by candle light.

7) Create Sacred Space externally by enhancing the senses. Introduce things that appeal pleasurably to each of the 5 senses- taste, touch, sight, smell, sound. Play uplifting music for sound, use naturally scented candles or aromatherapy for smell. Make sure your environment is clean, and visually stimulating. Use candles, flowers, art work to enhance the beauty of what you see. Enhance the sense of touch with feathers, soft fabrics, silk pillows, massage oils.

8) Honor each other- Begin your session with appreciation & gratitude for one another. If you are playing alone, express appreciation for your self, out loud, while looking in a mirror.

9) Create Sacred Space internally with Tantric Union Breathing, or alone with a Self Pleasure Meditation.

10) Offer some sensual touch. Sensual touch can include the genitals, but is not focused on the genitals. It may include massaging the whole body with your hands, stroking lightly with finger tips, running fabrics along the body,  tickling with feathers, you name it. Be creative, be adventurous, and explore!

My book “Shake Your Soul Song!” has a wonderful conscious sensuality partner exercise in Chapter 7.

11) Offer genital pleasuring with yoni massage, or lingam massage.  You decide who goes first, but general rule of thumb- “ladies come first!

12) Make your love last with semen retention, ocean breath, and communication. Remember, Sacred Sex is not a race to the finish line. It is all about cultivating ecstasy and savoring the experience!