Last week I announced confirmation for the first ever, Authentic Tibetan Tantra Certification Retreat. Since then I have been swamped with inquiries from women all over the world wanting to know more about Authentic Tantra, and curious about what makes this style of Tantra unique.

(Only 8 spots left, so if you are interested, I encourage you to jump on board!)

I think one of the most important things to keep in mind regarding Tantra is that- All Tantra is NOT the same, and quite frankly, a lot of what is being promoted as Tantra in the western world has very little to do with this ancient and sacred practice.

The easiest way to describe Tantra is as a form of Yoga. In fact, according to Tibetan Tantric Practices, Tantra IS the highest form of Yoga, and not everyone is able to or inclined to practice this “art”.

There are actually 3 “prerequisites” that must be in place to practice traditional Tantra methods and these are:

1) An inclination, i.e. desire to practice

2) The ability, meaning you can actually DO the methods prescribed

3) The “leisure time” to devote to your practice.

Lama Tashi says just those 3 prerequisites cancel out MOST of the human race! Wow!

So keeping that in mind, there are a few other ways in which Authentic Tibetan Tantra differs from other styles of Tantra. Here I am highlighting the variations between Tibetan Tantra and East Indian/Hindu style Tantra, which is what most Western Neo Tantric practices are at least loosely, based upon (think Oshso.)

1) The first and most noticeable difference is with our subtle energy system. What most people don’t realize about Tibetan Tantra is that we use an entirely different chakra system than Hindu/Indian style Tantra. We use a 5 chakra system in which placement, color, and element are all quite different than Hindu based practices.

2) The second distinction can be found in our orientation to practice. We don’t focus on balancing our “Shiva & Shakti” energies, as all of our focus is placed on the central channel, in which no duality exists. The “masculine” and “feminine” energies are naturally “balanced” as a result of doing the practice of Tantra Yoga.

3) Lastly, the word “Tantra” in Tibetan practice literally means– to weave light and sound with form, and Tantric practices are done both sexually and non-sexually for the specific purpose of HEALING the mind, body, and spirit. Better sex, more orgasms, and deeper intimacy are the natural result of doing the practice!

Also- from what I understand, many of the “original” Tantric instructions in India were destroyed during the Muslim conquest of India from the 13th-16th century.

According to Tibetan Instruction, many of these “original” Tantric instructions had been taken to Tibet, where they were practiced undisturbed until the Chinese invaded Tibet, prompting many of the holders of these teachings to move west.

Hence we now have The Secret Tibetan 5 Element Sexual Teachings, which are supposedly some of the original Tantric Instructions from the Buddha, for using human sexuality to realize enlightenment.

Jacques Drouin and myself are the first 2 people in North America with permission to teach The Secret Tibetan 5 Element Sexual Instructions openly, (other than our Lama of course) and this is why we named our style of Tantra, Authentic Tantra™.

So what do you think? Do you have the prerequisites in place to practice Authentic Tibetan Tantra?