If I had to summarize this year’s Tibetan Tantra Certification Retreat in one phrase, it would be “Every moment is an opportunity for learning and growth.”

Learning what?

Learning and reaffirming the magic of being deeply anchored in your sense of  SELF, and trusting implicitly that sometimes small, but much less subtle, voice of intuitive knowing.

Learning that it’s okay to be human and feel hurt, even when you are trying to be strong and brave.

Deeply understanding the absolute, inarguable need for “team”- To work side by side by those invested in coaxing out your “best” performance, who hold you as flawless, and continuously nudge you towards your shared greatness and personal growth.

We had some tough decisions to make at the start of this year’s retreat. Choices I never could have made without the insight, guidance, and support of those working alongside me. 

Choices that helped us all understand the vital necessity of  having a safe and sacred space in which to learn and heal, and how we all contribute to creating that space together.

We entered a vortex this year. A sacred portal in which we laughed together and cried together, shedding year’s of pain with our tears and our laughter.

We opened our minds,’ along with our hearts’, and came to understand ourselves more deeply, and with more love and compassion.

We argued and stepped on each other’s toes, while still honoring the greatness in one another.

We found new love, new connection, new family, and understood the healing power of a sacred and cohesive group dynamic.

And in the very end of it all, of course, we danced!

Congratulations to this year’s Tibetan Tantra Certification Program Graduates!

All I can say is, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I had a chance to see the God in you, and I will cherish that always.

Now for some twerking action!