female pleasure guide

Are you experiencing your full potential for pleasure?

The female body is literally hardwired for pleasure!

Our bodies are capable of over 11 different kinds of orgasm and amazing, soul-nourishing pleasure is our birthright!

And yet, statistics show that as many as 70% of women have difficulty achieving orgasm and at least 43% of women report having some form of sexual dysfunction.

Throughout my many years of working with women to help them uncover their full orgasmic potential, I have discovered that there are 3 primary blocks preventing women from having the pleasure and orgasms they yearn for.

With understanding and guidance, these blocks become fairly easy to overcome, and your full capacity to experience pleasure awakens naturally as a result.

That’s why I created the Female Pleasure Guide!

The Female Pleasure Guide Workshop is a 1.5-hour online “Tantra Workshop” that you can experience in the comfort and privacy of your own living room.

This 5-part video guide explores:

  • The over 11 different kinds of female orgasm + how and why it is possible for every woman to experience this!

  • The top 3 blocks to preventing you from accessing your full capacity for pleasure

  • Four keys for awakening more sensual pleasure and joy in every area of your life!

The content in this Tantra Workshop includes five instructional videos, a downloadable journal, a Tantric Dance practice, and a 10-minute daily meditation practice.

I created the Female Pleasure Guide with my friend and colleague, Marthe Schneider, to support women (and men!) in understanding the truth about female pleasure.

This online Tantra workshop offers valuable insight into the anatomy of female pleasure, and shares practical, effective tools for cultivating more sensual pleasure and joy in every area of your life!

Female Pleasure Guide is only $25! Use code “Pleasure” and get it for only $20!

Watch our video introduction to The Female Pleasure Guide!

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Use code “Pleasure” and get the amazing wisdom in this Tantra Workshop for only $20!