I have built my life’s work upon the idea of using pleasure as medicine.

This concept was born from my personal experience of healing a lifetime of debilitating trauma, through the pleasure generated by using Authentic Tantra™ methods.

Recently I aired a radio show with guest Dr. Ron Goldman, a psychological researcher, speaker, and writer. During the course of the show, Dr. Goldman gave several scientific examples of how pleasure is not only medicine but is actually the key to a more peaceful society.

He cited several worldwide studies which found that the more pleasure oriented a society was, the more peaceful and well balanced it was.

He also noted that cultures which had accepting attitudes towards pre-marital sex tended to be healthier and happier. (I found this particularly interesting in light of the current battles regarding safe sex education in schools)

The basic equation found worldwide is this:  Pleasure = peace & harmony. Pain = violence.

He also shared several examples of how many common practices in American culture perpetuate the cycle of violence, one of which is infant male circumcision. Go figure!

Check out what else Dr. Goldman had to say about creating a more peaceful society through the practice of pleasure.