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Whether you are single or in a relationship we have something for everyone. Learn Tantra online with one of our programs designed to enhance pleasure in all areas of your life!

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Online Courses for Women

Learn Tantra Online - tantra for women

The Female Pleasure Guide

This 5 part video guide explores the over 11 different kinds of female orgasm, the top 3 blocks preventing you from experiencing the pleasure you desire, and 4 keys for accessing more pleasure in every area of your life.

Learn Tantra Online - tantra for women

The Female Orgasm Intensive

A step by step guide to uncovering and releasing your blocks to bliss!

The Female Orgasm Intensive is an online Tantra training program for women, consisting of 6 Modules of beautifully filmed video instruction.

Each Module contains approximately one hour of detailed instruction in the art of using pleasure as medicine to awaken more pleasure in every area of your life.

Online Courses for Men

Learn Tantra Online - Tantra for Men

Ejaculation Mastery

Ejaculation Mastery is a comprehensive video training program for men which provides practical, effective tools for lasting longer, separating orgasm from ejaculation, and becoming multi-orgasmic.

This program is designed to support men in all phases of their sexual journey. You will learn concrete methods to help you control ejaculation, heal premature ejaculation and/or erectile dysfunction, Tantric methods to help overcome Porn addiction, and time tested techniques for becoming a fully multi-orgasmic man who is in full control of his ejaculatory response.

This program launches February 6th, 2018! Sign up below for updates.

Online Courses for Couples

Learn Tantra Online - Tantra for Couples

Soul Sex for Couples

Soul Sex for Couples is a comprehensive six week online Tantra Training Program.

This online video program teaches:

• The art of Yoni Massage for healing and pleasure
• Lingam Massage for healing and pleasure
• Semen retention for cultivating male multiple orgasms
• Tantric Meditations for sexual healing and empowerment
• Sensual yoga practices for sexual health and enrichment.

Soul Sex is the most comprehensive Tantra Education Program for couples available online.

This is the perfect place to get started for those who are looking for more than a “sensual massage class” and truly want to experience the healing power of Tantra.