Many people ask us about Kegels their usefulness in Tantric sex. Kegels are beneficial but insufficient on their own for cultivating true Tantric sex power and ejaculatory control.

For those who do not know, Kegels, or Kegeling, are a form of exercise for the pelvic region of the body, exercising the core pelvic muscles. It basically involves repetitive clenching of the anus which can be good for preventing or correcting incontinence and other health benefits.

For the Tantric sex practitioner it is a good exercise, yet misses a great deal of important factors we can include with a more powerful practice.

The practice we as Tantrikas use incorporates understanding of the “five winds”. These are five ways the life-energy moves throughout us as humans- some may know these as pranas.

In this exercise we are mainly concerned with the “downward-voiding wind”, which both retains and excretes; semen, urine, female ejaculate, menstrual blood, and feces.

The “downward-voiding wind” is also critical in the energy and strength of our orgasms, a tremendous release of energy which “brushes” or opens the lower region of the Uma Nadi, or central channel, which results in a “taste of enlightenment”.

The more power you have in your “downward-voiding wind”, the more energy you have for stronger deeper orgasms releasing a burst of conscious-energy which penetrates the deep space of the Uma Nadi.

As the conscious-energy passes through the “wall” of the Uma Nadi one may hear a roaring sound like a tornado, this is the Universal Wind that moves in the Uma Nadi and is expressed as your Life Energy.

Now we go timeless- pain free, non-conceptual, and blissful as we remain in the orgasm without fixing on it, and beyond the orgasm in direct experience of your own Wisdom Nature Awareness.

Train in Awareness with compassion so you can see it, train your wind so you can relax there physically for extended periods.

Then use this wisdom, power, and compassion to benefit others.

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