What does it mean to attain “Sexual Mastery”, and what does it take to get there?

In this episode of Better Love and Sex, Devi is joined by Tantra Master (and former husband) Jacques Drouin to discuss how men can support female sexual awakening by attaining Sexual Mastery in the art of pleasure!

Find out:

1. What Sexual Mastery for Men means and The tools you need to “get there”

2. What techniques you should be practicing and how often

3. How you can help your woman awaken to more pleasure and sexual joy

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About Jacques Drouin:

Jacques Drouin~ TantraJacques Drouin has been studying and practicing the Tantric Arts for over 28 years. He is the Founder of Tantric Arts of Love and Co-Founder ofTibatnTantra.com, the only centers for sexual education offering qualified instruction in The Secret Tibetan Five Element Sexual Teachings. He is the Overseer and Resident Teacher for Pema Norbu Ling Kagyu Dharma Center in Vancouver, BC, under the auspices of Lama Tashi Dundrup.

Jacques has been a Holistic Health Practitioner & Consultant for over 25 years, and has successfully helped many people experience radical healing and profound life transformations. He is the founder of Tibetan Holistic Healing in Vancouver BC, and offers Authentic Non-Sexual Tantric Healing and Tibetan 5 Element treatment programs.

Find out more and contact Jacques at:

Tantric Arts of Love