Shake Your Soul Song!

We live in a culture that teaches us to both fear and ignore our sexuality and repress our sensuality. Women are largely uneducated about their full pleasure-potential and are discouraged from exploring their own unique style of healthy sensual expression.

Shake Your Soul Song presents the idea of using pleasure as a path to self-empowerment and soul connection.

By using the methodology of The 4 Principles of Self-Pleasure, each woman will more deeply understand her relationship to The 4 Forms of Pleasure, and how to use them for accessing more of her personal & spiritual potential.

Shake Your Soul Song

Watch Devi describe the 4 forms of pleasure and explain why sex truly IS medicine!

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“Devi’s book Shake Your Soul Song is a gift to women who seek personal sexual empowerment through the creation of what she calls ‘the new pleasure paradigm.’ She blends the sacredness of sexuality with the practical, and gives women guidance on how to explore their sensuality and self-expression on a whole new level. Her presentation of Tantric teachings are easy to understand and integrate into anyone’s sexual experience. Her book is about personal evolution, self- discovery, and love. ”

Dr. Laurie Steelsmith N.D., L.Ac.- Co-author of Great Sex, Naturally and Natural Choices for Women’s Health-

“Everyone, men included, should own a copy of this book. Words fail to describe how inspiring and useful Devi’s work is for all people at this stage in our collective evolution. She bridges the gap between eastern wisdom and western science while providing powerful techniques & meditations, empowering the individual. Thank you!!”
WILL BLUNDERFIELD | recording artist | yogi |

“I had no idea how important this book would be until I read and internalized its content! Devi Ward has a deep understanding of the profound connection between body and soul and she communicates this in an eloquent, yet easy-to-understand, very honest and down-to-earth fashion.”
Marni Spencer Devlin~ Author of “Crawling Into The Light”

“Devi’s book is one of the most interesting and sensual books I have ever read towards sexually empowering women. I wish there was a book like this
when I was in my early twenties! But, even at my wise age of 48, I was still able to gain beautiful knowledge and use it to enhance my life now.” Tammeron ~ Intimacy Coach and Radio Show Host of “Let’s Figure It Out!” On Voice America

Shake Your Soul Song

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