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Tantra Testimonials – What clients are saying about Tantra Coaching with Devi Ward and how it has changed their lives and their level of sexual pleasure…

“Devi is a sexual educator with the gift of helping women to get in touch with the most sacred part of themselves. She has an incredible ability to make women feel safe as they explore their cultural programming about their bodies and their sexuality. Her teachings can help transform a woman’s relationship to her body and her sexuality. In addition, they can help transform a woman’s sexual relationship with a loved one. I applaud Devi for her work, her workshops, her book, and her courage to step out of the cultural norm and into a sacred healing path that can profoundly increase the quality of women’s lives.”
Dr. Laurie Steelsmith ~ N.D., L.Ac. Co-author of Great Sex, Naturally and Natural Choices for Women’s Health~

“Working with Devi was one of those once in a lifetime experiences. I went into it simply wanting to improve my well being in as many ways as I could. Having gone through a divorce and other stresses I felt it was time to take “control” of pleasure and healing in my life. I quickly discovered that, even though I thought I had been a sexually confident and knowledgeable woman most of my life, I really didn’t know much! A “Ya don’t know what ya don’t know” kind of realization! My course and personal development with Devi far exceeded my expectations. I have a much fuller love and appreciation for my feminine powers now and see pleasure as the primary goal in all areas of life. Orgasmic pleasure, in all senses of the words is possible. There is a path and Devi shines a bright light on it, while keeping her clients safe and comfortable. It feels like talking w a (really open, sexy and warm) beloved friend. One of the best choices I have made in a long time.”

Janice B. Vancouver, BC ~ 6 Month Graduate

“It’s been 4 months since I started Tantra Training with Devi and it saved my relationships and my life!  My partner recently said “ I was longing to connect with you deeply and I didn’t think it was possible “ and he cried. I have been discovering deeper level of connection and intimacy with myself and others and my life has become rich and juicy. I’ve had many other spiritual practices and trainings, and Tibetan Tantra is the most powerful, yet gentle healing method I’ve ever had. With Tibetan Tantra, I experience being truly present with my partner, passion, oneness, security, full of joy, richness, aliveness, wow this is going to be a long list!   Good news is that this is life-long practice and I am excited to discover something new every day and every moment. Devi is such a generous teacher and I am thrilled to have sessions with her every week.  She creates a safe, open and playful space so that I am able to share anything with her and free myself to discover new level of pleasure and joy not only in sexuality, but also in all areas of my life.”

Chikako T. Vancouver, BC~ 3 Month Graduate ~

Devi Ward Tantra Coaching

“I feel like what we have worked on these past few weeks has cracked my heart and head and soul open to a new level of awareness. Working with you has done more for me in two weeks than years of therapy has since the divorce and understanding of my upbringing and acculturation. I feel free to make choices, have my own power and be aware of the person, soul and mind that I am. Understanding my basic human needs is big breakthrough and should be taught in schools and in families everywhere!!! I am so grateful for this knowledge and skill!  This will have a deep impact for me, my family and the world of souls I come into contact and work with! Blessings and honor to you in being this coach for me and bringing this gift into the world!”
Ann C. Seattle, WA ~ 3 Month Graduate

From Ivonhe, Florida ~ 3 Month Training Graduate

“Learning about Tantra with Devi has been an amazing journey for me and my partner. I came from a place of not knowing and possibly a fear based idea of what tantra really means due to the wrong publicity it gets. Devi taught me to look at my body and my sex life from a very spiritual and connected way. I learned to honor my feelings, including my sexual feelings enabling me to discover a higher level of connection with self and my lover. I also learned to bring balance to different areas of my life because ‘tantra’ is about balancing your energy through practices that allow you to feel more human and more connected. I feel more confident, happier and definitely more open about expressing myself. The connection with my partner is amazing now!!! Our lovemaking is very spiritual now. You will be amazed to learn that simply knowing how to breath can enhance the experience and your life so much more.”

From Jayne, Northern Ireland ~ 3 Month Training Graduate

'Working with Devi has been an amazing and rewarding experience. I have gained so much more from this course than I could have imagined. I have learned to laugh and to cry, to openly experience the plethora of human emotions, to connect deeply to the parts of myself that were numb and needed love, and the parts that need courage and strength. Old beliefs and patterns have dissolved, and I feel so much more centered, no longer a victim to my emotions or my desires. My body has learned to relax and to open more fully in to orgasmic states of prolonged pleasure. This course has changed every aspect of my being.'

From Sky, New York, NY ~ Tantra Basics Graduate

'Working with Devi is something that has proved essential to me but I didn’t know that when I first signed up to work with her; I didn’t know how essential it would be. She has taken me back to my breath, back to my body, back to where I came from, and from this excavation I have grown more confident, more content, more full. I am learning things that have always been apart of me but that I didn’t know how to access. And I am able to share ideas with other women, my partner and mothers of daughters: bit by bit changing the universe’s archetypal energy and transforming the world we live in. Thank you, Devi.'

From Brian, Nevada ~ Men's Tantra Basics Graduate

'Devi,It is a pleasure to work with you. Your passion for healing the soul, the spirit and the heart is unmistakable.Your flow is calming and energizing at the same time. The space you create for learning, contemplation and growth is sincere and embracing. I truly appreciate the tantric knowledge you have shared with me. Thank you for guiding me on this journey. Looking forward to the future.'

From Karlette, Yellow Knife, CA ~ Tantra Basics Graduate

'Before I met Devi, I put all the responsibility for my sexual pleasure on my husband. He was just supposed to know when, where, how and why without any input from me. Finally, I got so frustrated with my disconnection. Meeting Devi was transformational. Just being present with Devi (even over skype), her pure radiant joy of life, Tantra, and sensuality inspired me. She provided me with simple yet genius tools for me to practice both alone and with my husband, as well as practical advice to address all my questions, concerns, and personal conflicts. I immediately started to develop a closer relationship with my husband and with myself! After one month she has guided me towards a sense of sensual freedom, empowering me to find more enjoyment in life as a whole! Thank you so much for your support these past few weeks. I am a huge fan and wish you all the very very best.'

From J. T. New York, NY ~ 12 Session Graduate

'I’ve always had an extreme sensitivity down there. It was easily irritated and the thought of putting certain vibrators or items in my vagina made me cringe. Masturbation and foreplay was always a long process for me. Unless it was very turned on (engorged) I was not able to handle being touched so when Devi gave me the vulva massage for homework during one our coaching sessions, i was in total panic. I dreaded having to touch my genitals let alone squeeze them. Once I started the practice, not only was I hurting, I felt awkward. I felt really uncomfortable every time I pulled and tugged at my vulva and clitoris yelling ‘AHHHH’. The word ‘idiot‘ kept coming up. I felt like a total idiot. A week into my frustration, I confessed to Devi what was happening. She did not seem surprised. In fact, she told me to continue the practice throwing in pointers such as putting soft music and lighting candles to set the mood. About 3 weeks into the practice without even realizing it, a lot of the discomfort vanished. I noticed I was able to massage and touch my yoni without twitching or jumping back. To make sure this was true, I pulled at my vaginal lips and squeezed several times with a lot of strength for the next several days. Most of the pain had subsided. I was in awe. I never thought that was possible for me. I could not believe the vulva massage actually worked! I am glad I stuck with the exercise!'

From J.J. Vancouver, BC ~ Sensual Awakening for Women Workshop + Personal Mentoring

'I have been practicing the 4 forms of pleasure dancing, meditating, journaling and self pleasuring for a few months and already it is transforming my life. Prior to my experience, I was very uncomfortable with my body and sexuality. Through sacred erotic dance I have learned to connect with my feminine essence and to cultivate self-love and acceptance. When watching myself dance in the mirror I have noticed that my inner voice actually finds the way my body moves quite sexy 🙂 I now wake up excited to begin my days with the 5 core pelvic movements along with the fire meditation as these have helped me release emotional pain and severe tightness in my hips. Also, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have learned the art of self pleasure. Until recently, I didn’t know where my g spot was and upon discovery noticed that it had little sensation. Now I have a regular self-pleasuring routine and from this my g spot has gone from from numb to painful to recently experiencing pleasure. My vulva massages have taught me to be a kind and gentle lover with myself and have allowed me to reawaken a part of my body that has been dormant most of my life. It is very self -empowering to realize that I am my greatest lover and to have sexual experiences that I didn’t even know were possible. I want to thank Devi for opening my eyes and my heart to a deeper level of self-connection and love.'

From Beverly, Vancouver, BC ~ Tantra Basics Graduate

'Thank you Devi, you are a beautiful soul. I cannot thank you enough for being the person that opens the gates of pleasure to me. I felt an instant trust with you, and have faith that all will work out fine. I am eagerly looking forward to my long awaited flowering! You exhibited the exact feeling vibration of what I would like to express.'

From Paulina, Hawaii ~ The 5 Elements of Tantric Dance

'Devi is the embodiment of where grace, love, and sensuality meet. I am looking forward to taking more lessons with her. It truly has been a pleasure working with her. Oh, and did I say it was FUN!