Devi WArd Tantra OrgasmsI continue to be amazed at how this Tantra stuff really works.

Last night I seriously had the best orgasm of my entire life, by myself, all alone, just little ole me, myself, & I.

And the surprising thing is it was just a clitoral orgasm.

I say “just” because as women, we are capable of over 11 different kinds of orgasm, and I myself have experienced all 11 kinds, multiple times in a row.

So needless to say,  I’ve had my share of mind-blowing orgasmic experiences, and have considered most clitoral orgasms as “puny” in comparison to our true orgasmic potential as women.

But last night changed all that. The biggest, baddest, most mind-melting orgasm of my life happened last night, with only clitoral stimulation occurring.

So what happened to make that occur?

Well a few things really- as I said to start, I am amazed at how this Tantra stuff really works and continues to work. Really. It’s like a never ending cornucopia of sexual awakening and personal revelation.

The more you do it the better it gets.

The beauty of True Tantra is that it is a 2 fold path. It is the cultivation of awareness in & out of the bedroom.

Awareness of what? Our true nature. Present, Relaxed, Awareness with focus.

We are present & relaxed with ourselves, the moment, & whatever is occurring in that moment.

We are aware of the subtle fluctuations of sensation in our bodies, deeply aware of our emotions, our thoughts, and we are focused in the moment. Not thinking about tomorrow, yesterday, the next episode of bachelorette.

Which all sounds great & wonderful, but how do we actually DO this? Well, to accomplish any activity in life, we need a tool. And that tool for me is Authentic Tantra™.

So here’s what I did to have the best orgasm of my entire life, using Authentic Tantra™ Methods.

#1) I meditated. Meditation is simply “mind training”. In our modern world our minds/intellect are out of control.

We spend our days in our heads, following conflicting patterns of thought. Rarely ever are we present with our selves, our bodies, or each other.

They say that the gateway to heaven can be found in the present moment, and Tantric mediation is a highly effective, easy & practical tool for cultivating present moment awareness.

#2) I connected. Before I began pleasuring myself, I placed one hand over my heart, and one hand over my genitals, and counted 10 breaths.

This simple activity established a powerful energetic connection between my heart and my sexual center.

Then my self-pleasuring became a heart-centered activity.

I connected with my body, before I began asking it to respond to sexual stimulation, therefore I was more present with and aware of the sensations.

#3) I touched myself. I used my finger first. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my vibrators.

I have a large selection, and adore their many uses. That being said, I believe that it important to make a tactile connection with our bodies, before bringing out the big guns, so to speak.

I use my fingers to massage my whole vulva, not just my “direct” pleasure centers.

The entire vulva has pleasure receptors, and these go somewhat dormant due to lack of touch.

Imagine how juicy our sexual experience can be when ALL of our pleasure receptors are awakened and alive!

#4) BREATHE! Open your mouth, make sound, breathe.

I hear this from so many women- we get to a certain point of pleasure, and we stop breathing, tense up, & contract.

Orgasm is energy, and if our bodies are all coiled up with tension, and our breathing is short & shallow, that energy is only going to build to a certain point, and have nowhere to spread & explode.

By consciously opening our mouths, breathing, and making sound we allow the orgasmic energy to expand, grow, and flow into the whole body, not just that tiny little genital region.

So there you go. Those are some of the methods that I applied last night, while having the best orgasm of my life so far.