One of the primary Tantric methods I teach for healing, and accessing more of your sexual/spiritual potential, is the practice of relaxing and breathing through “blocks to bliss”.

The basic formula for this “practice” is to simply bring your awareness into any areas of numbness, pain, irritation (i.e. any sensation other than pleasure), relax internally, and breathe.

Generally this approach is taught as a way of releasing and moving through sexual blocks, during sexual stimulation, but I recently had a very vivid and magical experience of applying this method to my entire life.

It was such a profoundly transformational experience, I wanted to share it with you.

Last week, amidst a flurry of intense web related activity, including web site launches, press releases, event promotions, not to mention my ongoing, personal coaching programs, my computer hard drive crashed.

Twice, and for the second time in 4 weeks.

With everything going on in my work life at the moment, this should have been a devastating occurrence.

But, because of my Tantra practice (and these tantric methods), it actually became the absolute best thing that could have happened.

In those initial moments of my computer crashing and burning in a blaze of glory, I recognized I had a choice.

I could either a.) be frustrated and angry this was happening, and beat my head against the brick wall of this apparent obstacle, or

b.) I could accept the fact that I had absolutely no control over this situation. There was absolutely no physical thing that I could do to make my computer come back online to complete the work that I needed to get done, until the computer was fixed. And in the meantime, I was “dead in the water”, so to speak.

Anyone who knows me, knows that under normal circumstances, Devi not being able to work is a fate worse than death. (My work ethic and drive to “succeed” is legendary amongst my very small and intimate inner circle of friends.)

So here I was, faced with “The worst possible thing that could have happened”, and instead of freaking out and tearing the house apart (and my hair out) in frustrated agony, I took a nice deep breath, way down deep into my belly, and said “Okay”.

And not just “okay” from my new-age, power of attraction, “think happy thoughts” intellect.

It was an “okay” which came from the very depths of my being. An “Okay” which was spoken from the essence of my soul.

Just -“Okay God. What now?”

For me, just that realization right there was a personal triumph, but the really juicy part is what came next.

For the next 2 days I was confronted with a shit-ton of emotion, which I had previously been unable to fully process.

Emotions regarding my personal life, my professional life, my spiritual direction- a whole mix and jumble of thoughts, feelings, knowings, uncertainties, mournings, triumphs, mistakes, and understandings.

Messages from my “Self ” to myself, which I was previously unable to hear, because my attention was focused so intently elsewhere.

Messages that I was only able to access by relaxing and breathing through this current, arising,  “blocks to bliss”.

By relaxing, breathing, and “being with”, all of these emotions, I was able to access a deeper, more profound level of self awareness.

As the clouds of emotion cleared, I was able to see my world, and my work in the world, with more clarity, and a more profound connection to my true motivating purpose.

You see for me, what truly turns me on with this work of sexual healing and empowerment is NOT the media, or the promotions, or the puffing myself up like some big fancy peacock, and hoping to become some sort of celebrity sex educator.

What turns me on MOST about this work, and sharing these Tantric methods, is the honor of being a midwife for the birth of consciousness.

To simply hold space for women and men to reach into their deepest, darkest corners of pain, and expose that wound for healing, and that heart for repair.

To guide women and men into deeper layers of self connection, self discovery, self love, self pleasure.

To shine the holy light of love into the darkness of blocks to bliss, sexual ignorance, pain and suffering, and chase all those silly shadows away. Revealing them to be nothing more than misguided whispers in the darkness of ignorance.

What turns me on the most is the giving and receiving of love, wisdom, power, and compassion, and sharing the most effective tools I have found, for cultivating those life expressions on a daily basis.

That is why I do what I do. And that for me, is what life is truly about.

So for me, this recent revelation wasn’t just about being able to accept that a block was arising and relax with it.

It was about embracing the information contained within/associated with the block, which led me to  deeper level of self knowledge, greater clarity, and a renewed sense of purpose in life.

Carl Jung speaks about how our shadows often contain some of our greatest gifts and talents. I would say the same is true for many of our “blocks to bliss”, whether those blocks are arising in the bedroom or the boardroom.

The most beautiful part for me, is that the Tantric methods, the medicine if you will, is always the same- bring your awareness to it, relax around it, and breathe….Magic happens on the other side….