What is the role of the “Masculine” and “Feminine” in Tibetan Buddhist Tantra?

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Uniting the masculine and feminine energies within us is a focus of Neo-Tantric practices, but this dynamic is understood quite differently from the standpoint of Tibetan Buddhist Tantra.

In Tibetan Buddhist Tantra the “feminine” is understood to be red in essence and represented by the red hot sun and solar energy, while “masculine” energy is considered white, cooling, and lunar energy.

The Feminine relates to everything in the material world; our senses, our environment, our intuition, our bodies, our relationships, our communities, and of course, our sexuality- all for the purpose of bringing health, balance, enrichment, pleasure, and joy.

Masculine energy is conceptual, non-physical, and is represented by different states of consciousness. It is also associated with the application of “skillful means.” This refers to the application of the methods in an appropriate and effective manner.

The masculine and feminine are understood to be in “inseparable union”. There is no need to “reunite” these energies because they can never be separated. The foundation of all existence is rooted in the dance of their eternal union. This is represented in the iconography of yab yum.

“BALANCING” the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves occurs through focusing on the already existing point of union within all of us- the central channel.

The central channel is the CORE of the lifeforce energy in the body. It is the trunk AND root of the energy body.

In the Authentic Tantra modality, the Tibetan 5 Element practices give us  “keys” to access the central channel and experience healing, enrichment, and BALANCE in all areas, from the inside-out.

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