And here we thought we knew everything there was to know about the clitoris.

Turns out… not so much.

Here’s why- according to my colleague, S. Denise Jefferson (an accomplished clinical and sexual health educator who presents both domestically and internationally on the various issues surrounding women’s sexual health), there are numerous discrepancies regarding the anatomy of the female clitoris, in the medical community.

Not all medical schools are teaching the same anatomy, much less the correct anatomy!

If our medical health professionals are not correctly informed about clitoral anatomy, how can we be?

In the following episode of Sex Is Medicine, S.Denise and I break down the CORRECT clitoral anatomy, and share why, contrary to popular opinion, the clitoris is NOT just the female version of a penis.

Here are the diagrams we use to “decode” the clitoris!

What do you think about the clitoris? Are you ready to claim your wings and fly…?