A friend of mine recently sent me a link that made my heart ache.

The link was from the television show “Family Feud” hosted by Steve Harvey.

One of the male contestant was asked the question “what’s the first place that you touch a woman to get her in the mood?”

The contestant answered with- “That would be the lower front…the…(laugh, laugh) vagina.”

Now aside from the dismay one might feel knowing that this is the FIRST place this man goes to turn on his female partner, (as opposed to say…her lips, her neck, her shoulders, etc)- what absolutely horrified me was the complete and total meltdown of everyone on the screen, when the man eventually was able to stutter out the word “vagina”.

From the bedlam that ensued, one would think someone had dropped a shit bomb into a room of 7th grade boys.

What concerned me even more was the reaction of the female contestants.

All 3 women covered their faces in shame, and one woman put her fingers in her ears to prevent herself from hearing that accursed word…vagina.

Now I would expect something like this from a group of 13 year old boys and girls, but that this was the reaction from grown adults is alarming!

If the simple word vagina can bring such terror into the hearts of grown adults, imagine what is happening in their bedrooms….

And women continue to wonder WHY they aren’t having satisfying sex and orgasms.

Can we truly consider ourselves healthy, whole, empowered women when we are afraid of our own vaginas?

This is why I believe that understanding and LOVING you vagina is absolutely an act of anarchy against the status quo.

The status quo would keep you ignorant, fearful, and shameful, to the point of cringing at the thought of your most primal pleasure center.

I will say it again- you can NOT be fully empowered as a women if you are afraid of talking about, looking at, and TOUCHING your own pussy.


Your pussy doesn’t even belong to you until it has become completely free of shame.

Until then it is still imprisoned in the mind of the patriarchy.

You are able to take it out on loan every once in while. Take it off the shelf, dust it off and let your partner use it for 7 minutes to an hour– but then you must return it to it’s rightful owners- the culture that has conditioned you to fear your own body and deny your birthright to pleasure.

I say- Let’s start a revolution. A revolution of shame free self acceptance, starting at the core of our womanhood, the literal gateway to enlightenment- Our Pussies

How well do YOU understand your Vagina? Tune in below to take your vaginal IQ test and find out!