Tantra Coaching for Couples

Learn lineage-based Tantric healing methods to cultivate a deeply nourishing, sacred sexual connection.  Discover the healing power of Authentic Tantra® with Private Tantra Coaching for Couples or in-person Tantra for Couples events.

Hello and Welcome!

First I want to say – Thank you for honoring your desire for healing and growth. It takes courage to acknowledge that you want more and it takes courage to open your heart to receiving more.

Making the commitment to dive deeply into your transformational process with lineage-based Tantra is an important step in your personal/sexual/spiritual development. I am honored that you are interested in having me support you on this journey.

I am currently offering private Tantra Coaching for Couples and Cultivating Sacred Intimacy ~ Tantra Healing for Couples events.

Tantra is a spiritual science developed in Northern India several thousand years ago. The teachings of Vajrayana Tantra (which is the spiritual tradition I adhere to) spread throughout South East Asia and into Tibet.

I am trained in and offer authentic tantric healing methods from the Tibetan Tantric tradition. 

I have practiced “Tantra as Medicine” since 2008. I was introduced to Tibetan 5 Element Tantra as a method for personal, sexual, and spiritual realization on the tiny little island of Kauai, Hawaii. After first learning the non-sexual application of these ancient healing tools, I began the sexual aspect of my training in earnest in May of 2008, and since then, my life has never been the same!

The methods that I offer in my tantra coaching programs emerged from this time of deep and profound healing and transformation. I have had the honor of sharing these potent tools for healing with hundreds of cis-gender women, men, and couples around the world for over 13 years.

I have had the honor of sharing these healing tools with the trans community in Seattle, Washington, and the “Sex Down South Event” in Atlanta, Georgia, and via personal coaching in my Tantra Mastery Training Programs.

Tantra is truly medicine for ALL and will support the awakening of inner peace, bliss, and joy in ALL of the various expressions of our humanity.

I consider this work sacred and the opportunity to hold my clients in this healing space is the greatest honor of my life. I LOVE my work. I LOVE holding space and being a trusted guide for the profound healing and awakening that occurs for people using these methods.

When you work with me you can expect presence, compassion, support, love, encouragement, and expert guidance.

I bring ALL of my expertise to the table during our time together.

This Includes:

15 years of training and study in the sexual healing application of Tibetan 5 Element Tantra

1 year of formal training + 5.5 years of informal mentorship in Traditional Tibetan Medicine

15 years of training in Non-violent communication for personal healing

20 years of mindfulness training in lineage-based meditation methods

Hours and hours of visual and audio study regarding trauma, somatic healing, polyvagal theory, and the autonomic nervous system

During our time together, I will draw from this well of wisdom that has been generated by all these many years and hours of training, in order to provide you with the most effective support and guidance possible.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you!

Nothing brings me more joy than diving deeply with students who are committed to their personal growth!

Ultimately, authentic Tantric practice IS A SPIRITUAL PATH, and students who truly embrace these teachings as a path of healing and personal realization have experienced true miracles during the course of their training.

In traditional Tantra, the flow of energy and rapport between teacher and student is essential for the essence of the tantric teachings to take root and flourish. To accommodate this need for resonance, I offer no-charge consultations as a way for us to meet face-to-face (virtually) and get a feel for each other and determine if we are a “good fit”.

During our initial consultation, we will discuss your personal/sexual/spiritual goals and desires and what lead you to explore Tantra as a potential healing method.

From this initial introduction, I will create a curriculum specifically designed for YOU that will most effectively support you in realizing your personal, sexual, and spiritual goals. This curriculum can and most likely WILL be adapted throughout your training to accommodate the healing, growth, and transformation you will experience along the way.

Due to the depth and intimacy of this work, the Tantra Coaching programs I offer are long-term and require a commitment of 6 months or longer. As I shared above, the details of the curriculum we will work on together will be developed as a result of what you shared with me during our initial meet and greet.

Here’s a list of the different areas of focus we can work on during our time together.

I specialize in supporting cisgender men in:
Mastering ejaculation control
Overcoming porn addiction
Somatic sexual healing
Reclaiming shame-free sensual connection to your body
Understanding the anatomy of female pleasure and orgasms

I specialize in supporting cisgender women in:
Somatic healing for trauma
Self-connection and post-traumatic growth
Cultivating pleasure consciousness
Awakening over 15 different flavors of orgasm
Developing a life-long self-healing, self-pleasure, and self-connection practice

I specialize in supporting couples who want to live “a Tantric lifestyle”,  consisting of daily, weekly, and monthly rituals and practices for awakening the qualities of bliss, equanimity, openness, clarity, and joy, in literally EVERY aspect of your life together.

The methods we use may include:

Tibetan 5 Element Tantra

Buddhist Meditation

Non-Violent Communication

Authentic Tantra® Sexual Healing Methods

“Yoni Yoga” and Tantric Dance for Healing and Pleasure.

PLUS, you will have access to our exclusive audio and video training materials to supplement your tantra healing journey.

Tantra Healing Programs for Couples

This includes 9 months of one-on-one support with me! In order to maintain momentum, I generally recommend that we meet more frequently at the beginning of your tantra coaching program. The first 6 months would consist of 1.5 hours of tantra training sessions with Devi Ward Erickson, once every two weeks. Email and text check-ins are provided between sessions.

Your first 12 sessions will take place over 6 months. In each training session I will instruct you in the 4 Pillars of Healing in the Authentic Tantra® modality. In between sessions you will practice and develop your Tantra Yoga practice both personally and as a couple.

During months 7 – 9 we will meet once per month for check-in, reflection and ongoing support as you continue to cultivate your Tantra Yoga practice and weave the magic these methods into your everyday life.

You have access to me for an entire year! Once you begin your training with me, you have one full year to complete the curriculum. This gives us space to work at YOUR pace, with ease and grace. If you need to miss a session or reschedule, no worries! We can relax and enjoy the ride.